Intensive Programme

The Day Clinic Intensive Programme is a course that runs from Monday to Friday.  It builds on an understanding of the problem and teaches effective coping skills to address difficulties.

It is a hospital service without an overnight stay.

We are a group of independent and innovative mental health specialists who have worked together across a variety of public and private sector mental health services.

From our extensive experience we have developed a picture of service excellence that we would like to offer clients who are suffering from a variety of psychiatric conditions, namely mood and anxiety disorders, complex trauma and personality related disturbances.

Treatment In Life

We offer the containment and intensive support that has previously been limited to inpatient admissions, but in a Day Hospital Programme. The Day Clinic is a registered Psychiatric Day Hospital which is covered under Medical Aid Hospital Plans. In addition to increasing the accessibility of treatment, this also allows for treatment to be directly applied to the day to day difficulties that clients face.

We strongly believe that at a time of acute psychiatric or psychological distress, clients should have a meaningful choice in the type of treatment they pursue. In some situations, an extended overnight stay is not a possible or desirable option for individuals or their families. Now there is a choice.

Intensive Patient Services

  • The intensive Clinic Programme is appropriate for clients who require more intensive treatment and do not require overnight psychiatric hospitalisation.
  • It is also suited to clients discharged from an inpatient psychiatric admission to provide further treatment and support.
  • The Day Clinic is a registered Psychiatric Day Hospital and as such, most Medical Aid schemes will assist with admission.
  • The Programme at The Day Clinic runs from Monday to Friday, starting at 08h00.

The Programme is the result of the collaboration of experienced clinicians, including Specialist Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Dietician.

The Programme is informed by internationally evidence based treatments. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) addresses impairments in emotional self-regulation, and the development of effective practical day-to-day coping skills. In addition, Psycho-education Groups emphasise the importance of medical compliance, nutritional, and physical well-being.

It is a small group treatment programme with  individual consultations with a Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Dietician and Occupational Therapists.

Family/Parent Information Meetings

Family/Parent information meetings are for all parents of participants, both in the adolescent and adult services, and for partners in the adult service. The meetings explain the framework we use in the programme in order to include family members in the treatment process . They also offer some ideas about what family members can do to help consolidate skills that the participants are working on. The meetings are in the form of talks with handouts, that build on ideas each day, from Monday through to Friday from 08h00 to 09h00.

How to receive treatment


Step 1

Please fill out the The-Day-Clinic-Referral-Fillable Form or ask your Doctor or Therapist to fill it out for you.


Step 2

Please email your completed referral form to


Step 3

If you are self referring, we will contact you to book a one-hour assessment interview.

Upfront payment for this assessment will be required. You will be given an invoice to submit to your medical aid for partial re-imbursement.


Step 4

Suitable patients will be offered a place in our programme and emailed with more information.


Step 5

We will assist with your medical aid authorisations.