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DBT : An Introduction for Practitioners

Dates: To be advised for 2023.
R 2,200 for both days, handouts and light refreshments
9 CEUs General Level 1

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DBT I hr Video Release

Video 1: DBT for Practitioners
An Integrated approach to DBT

Video 2: DBT for Practitioners
Introducing States of Mind

Each video is accredited 3 cpd points General Level 1 (HPCSA)

R350 for the first DBT Video, R300 all subsequent purchases in the DBT series

Videos are for sole usage by individual practitioners
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These are 1 hour edited video recordings from zoom trainings run by The Day Clinic.

The Origins of Mentalising

3 Video series

Accredited 9 cpd points General Level 1 (HPCSA)
Each video R350, all 3 videos R950

Video 1: What is an Integrated Personality?

This video describes the 3 features of personality integration vs disorder;
These capacities are Mentalising, Affect Regulation, and Attentional Control/Impulse Control.
The video goes on to outline the way Bowlby’s Attachment System establishes Affect Regulation in secure attachment.

Video 2: Insecure attachment cycles and Bion’s model for secure attachment.

This video starts by looking at the attachment cycles for the two insecure attachment styles; insecure-ambivalent and insecure-avoidant. To unpack in more depth how attachment sculpts out the capacity for Mentalising, Bion’s model of container-contained is refined by Anthony Bateman and Peter Fonagy.

Video 3: Fonagy and Bateman’s models of psychic equivalence and pretend mode.

This video illustrates in detail the establishment of the main features of borderline and narcissistic psychopathology, both in insecure attachment, and in personality disorders.