Adult Programme

The Day Clinic’s Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) approach focuses on three Core Modules. Each module runs for three weeks, with two 2 hour groups each week.

Following each Core Module, Maintenance Groups offer an ongoing application of DBT principles and techniques to everyday living.

Core Module 1

Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance Skills

The focus is to understand the swing between the part of the mind that can think and the part of the mind that feels. When feelings dominate it is difficult to think. When emotions feel too strong there is an urge to do something to get rid of the feelings, without being able to think about the consequences. We give you skills to get through intense feelings without acting impulsively in ways that often make problematic situations even worse.

Distress Tolerance skills focus on the ability to get through the intense feelings without acting impulsively in ways that often make problematic situations even worse.

Core Module 2

Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation Skills

Feelings can be overwhelming, messy and confusing. This module focuses on recognising, naming and describing feelings. Work is done on the urges to act associated with different feelings, and alternatives to destructive behaviours.

Core Module 3

Mindfulness and Relationships

Relationships are difficult. They stir up strong feelings, which make it difficult to think and plan effectively. In relationships there are high risks of feeling vulnerable, exposed, disappointed and misunderstood. In relationships, a person can only develop their own skills and has to accept the lack of control they have over the other person.

How to receive treatment


Step 1

All patients need to be referred to our services.

Step 2

Please fill out the The-Day-Clinic-Referral-Fillable Form  or ask your Doctor or Therapist to fill it out for you.


Step 3

Please email your completed referral form to


Step 4

We will contact you within 48 hours to book a one-hour assessment interview.

Upfront payment for this assessment will be R1,500.00. You will be given an invoice to submit to your medical aid for partial re-imbursement.


Step 5

Suitable patients will be offered a place in our programme. Patients who are not suitable will be referred for alternate appropriate treatment


Step 6

On accepting your place you will be asked to read and sign our ‘commitment to treatment contract’

Upfront payment for each 12-hour module will be R5,280.00.

Please note: The Day Clinic is contracted out of medical aid. Payment for clinical services are required to be settled by yourself. All patients will receive an invoice on payment which can then be claimed from your medical aid.