Parenting Talks

Tools for understanding teens

Parents, are you finding yourself…

  • Being called “lame”?
  • Being accused of “not getting me”?
  • Being rebuffed for “treating me like a child”?
  • And told “I know what I am doing!”?
  • Having to explain yourself around “but all my friends are doing it, this is so unfair!”, “it’s not really smoking, it’s just vapour!” and “if you take away my phone, I’m actually going to die!”????
Parenting at each stage of a young person’s life comes with its unique joys and distinct challenges. Adolescence is, for many, a time of particular turbulence, discomfort and worry for parents.
Whether you’re a parent navigating the day to day of emerging young adulthood, an educator working with teenagers or a professional working with adolescents; the Day Clinic on Oxford invites you to attend series of talks intended to give you tools for understanding your teens.

The Day Clinic on Oxford’s series of five informative talks draws on the wisdom and science of many of the world’s experts, in combination with the every day experience of local professionals working in the field.

The talks intend to:

  • provide parents with some understanding of the development of their teenager,
  • put this within the context of the demands of the current age and
  • provide some practical tips on how to tackle the issues.

The relaxed forum in which the information is delivered allows for parental interaction and sharing of experiences. The talks can be attended individually or as a series.

Upcoming Events

  • Principles of DBT 3 Day Workshop- Managing your feelings

    18 September 2019Vanessa Hemp
  • A Developmental Model of Mentalising with Dr Ella Brent

    20 September 2019
  • Principles of DBT 3 Day Workshop-Effective communication

    25 September 2019Vanessa Hemp
  • Principles of DBT 3 Day Workshop-Surviving when it all goes wrong

    2 October 2019Vanessa Hemp

Should you wish to participate in any of these seminars