Adolescent DBT

The adolescent program consists of two major elements, the DBT skills modules for the adolescents and DBT informed sessions for the parents. The 4 pillars of DBT: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Mindfulness runs though each module. The skills training consists of 3 modules 1. Distress tolerance skills, 2. Emotional regulation, 3. Interpersonal effectiveness. Adolescents will attend 5 weekly DBT group for 2 hours (for each module).

Here an understanding of lived DBT skills will be attained by working through each module, and its application in everyday life. A weekly follow up adolescent support group of 1 ½ hours will be available once they have completed the course to maintain a DBT informed approach to addressing arising or ongoing difficulties.



Step 1

Assessment interview is required before admission to the Adolescent DBT Programme

Step 2

A minimum of 4 and max of 8 people per group is required.

Step 3

Please email a completed referral form to