Information for Families

The Day Clinic team is made up of specialist psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and trained nurses.

Information for Families

Have you had a member of your family withdraw from life and you don’t know how to reach him/her? Are you distressed to see your family member hurt him/herself through self-destructive behaviour? Have you sought help for their misuse of food or substances, or for cutting, or attempts to end his/her life?

It’s frightening and frustrating to feel so powerless to help…

Do you find yourself frustrated at the lack of improvement despite the resources you have put in to trying to help? Do you feel confused that your family member does not seem to help him/herself to address the ordinary demands of life?

At The Day Clinic we are a team of mental health professionals dedicated to understanding and addressing these difficulties.

We are experienced in the internationally researched and evidence-based approach of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). This prioritises the reduction of self-harming and destructive behaviour. The focus is on a meaningful understanding of this pattern of impulsive acting out followed by self-hatred and sometimes suicidal behaviour.

Ongoing support and treatment

The Day Clinic offers a structured programme to understand your loved one’s unbearable mood swings, and presents realistic alternatives to destructive behaviour.

Because of the very longstanding nature of your family member’s difficulties, we believe that ongoing support is needed.

Whilst sometimes necessary in a crisis, we believe that a brief hospital admission can leave the individual and the family unable to maintain the gains seen during the hospital stay.

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